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Tips to quit his addiction to playing games online

online games, but actually can be easy if there is an intention want to stop. but for gamers who have a network of friends in the game world, it would be very difficult to stop playing online games.

admin actually also be said online gaming fan, even before the admin could say that god players (experts in online games) in some kind of fps games are quite famous name in Indonesia at that time. initially to capitalize money 5000 rupiah to hire pc in cafe and call a friend to come play, I can play up to 2 hours. over time I actually hooked up to 5 hours a day in the cafe was not enough to satisfy my desire to continue the game online.

I often come home even during the school straight into the cafe just to play games online with your friends. certainly in my mind as it was great fun so do not want this game just ended. I even think instead of buying food, mending buy cafe billing. and also never like this "from the play itself, the better I'll buy you friends with the game". to occur reciprocal exciting.

until that point, I was really addicted to going to bed any thoughts I kept imagining the game. I am really bad at that time to be a gamer. school is not clear, PR rarely done, wasteful, rarely plays out, lazy, catch gamer language is not good, and many other negative value.

after the test time increase in class at the time, my friend stopped one by one because their parents forbid it, plus a cafe that often my friend and I went to, to move somewhere. in the end I had come to a stop at the cafe near the house though still always play.

to quit online gaming was a bit hard but could.

for example, as bad as any game if there is a friend to play, would be very exciting. but if your friends do not play there, the game does not feel crisp taste.

after that, remember the future and the economy in the future you can do is not because of the game. Remember, it's not trying to sell id get results.

Remember the condition of the body when playing online games, not a lot of moving, not eating, not drinking, not sleeping, the eyes are not stable, no showers, and more.

Remember that the game is not an identity but online gaming is the only game in that you can play together.

financial remember to make extravagant instantly.

remember that the game could have been closed to us without resistance. because the owner of the game just 1 person. and most have to keep in mind if an online game that is closed, we will not get any benefit from the closing of the game. and we can not criminalize it. (Most of the gaming gods cry in front of his company, hahahaha)

most should be remembered,

Enjoy online gaming, and realized that while playing the game for a while and just have fun relieve stress. and can not be owned.

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