tips start making money with a simple blog

hello, I will make tips for you on how to get started making money through blogs. as when I first started blogging activities in this virtual world, which I think just about css display and visitors of social sites that must be searched manually, and the very thought of a big income but no effort (such as making a useful article). turns out it can be said to be wrong if you want to have an income through your blog or website in a way as I did earlier.

but after I finally understand about the blog and how to have the results of the blogs automatically, I is still running despite the various obstacles like dibannednya me by ad networks.

I pass on these tips to first time blogging can earn money from a blog with a simple and honest.

First, you must take it from the start when creating a blog is the display. and various html code for SEO. (Remember, do not get too hung up with the look and seo course.)

The second, is the article that you create should be useful and readable by users anda.buatlah only one category that you can afford, and then expand that category to have multiple derivative categories.

Third, Learn about good SEO.

The fourth, is how you will introduce your site to some directories like google search. how to submit to their tools as "webmaster tools".

fifth, after four of these done, time to put an ad on your blog site. choose a good ad network.

Sixth, you should frequently update your blog site regularly.

Finally, how do you have to develop your site. such as adding backlinks, increase pagerank, and more

Primarily, you should be able to update and no prestige in your blog.

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