How to make cireng

cireng is simple snacks are popular in Indonesia. cireng now have a variety of flavors and shapes. cireng original but still preferred by many people.

yaa, I go into the process of how to manufacture cireng which is a simple and fast. first thing to do is set up some equipment like large bowls, pans, and some of the tools commonly found in the kitchen. I will give a simple composition.


* 1/2 kg of starch / aci 

* 1 teaspoon salt 

* green onion thinly sliced

* hot water

Other ingredients: * cooking oil (for frying)

next after all the materials and tools available, input starch into a large bowl (basin), and add sliced ​​green onion, and salt a small spoon or lebih.setelah all incoming materials, and give hot water to knead tersebut.langsung material while still hot using a spoon or hands until smooth and does not stick (if attached, add the starch back)

the texture of the dough is not too soft and not too hard. simply cut into small pieces and trimmed dough (not too thin). directly fried in oil medium to slightly hard. drain and serve.

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