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Creating web sites xtgem.com feels like php

Not feel the internet is constantly evolving technology is still evolving. xtgem.com versa, a free hosting website which has a target on activities make free mobile site that is easy and interesting to deal with.

after a few years since xtgem.com online, mobile site builder free website was starting to have a lot of unique and interesting features to this day still continues to be updated by ownernya xtgem.

The interesting thing about some of the features xtgem is a unique programming code such as php, php though not as 100% but this feature is interesting to try, his name is xtscript. can be viewed in its syntax http://syntax.xtgem.com

Not only that xtscript features like php, as for the previous features that still can be used by users, such as mobile advertising feature which basically is the php code, there are still some features continue advancenya like include file into another file, filelist, rss reader, blog, device template, polls, gallery, hosting unlimited, feedback using the contact form, and a variety of other unique widget php can be obtained for free.

there are a few more features that are very interesting, from a few years ago xtgem have much to update on wap buildernya including the above features I have written. do not miss the exciting features for each page for it, the feature is automatically include the header, footer, headtags like meta code, css, and meta keywords and description can be set in the settings menu on all pages.

Shhh do not end there, any update xtgem compress css and html code for low-class mobile phone users, which make you look so slim web xtgem haha.

yeahh there are still many features of this xtgem, if you are editing online xtgem account via pc, you will find the atmosphere to edit a different version of the phone, especially the photo editing features like ph0tosh0p. and for online image editing xtgem via mobile phone equipped only resize, filters, and crop.

How, if you are interested in trying this xtgem???

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