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kinds of difficulties during a visit back to another blog

Still in the month of fasting gan, now there is a chance for me to write a little article this bloglist. after a week's ga is the latest update of this wapwebblog hehee.

Now I want to talk about kunbal (return visits) is not coming soon in the guestbook, shoutbox and comments. but it's not a problem that I will discuss, the real problem is the difficulty of problems and obstacles to make a visit back.

The following are some of the problems that it would be prohibitive for a visit back:

1. currently has no pulse and internet package. The main reason for this is the most difficult to visit when I return to a site that has enliven my site: (.

2. severity of the site you want dikunbal, as mobile users with few facilities, the site has over 30kb in size it is difficult to make because the message to reload again.

3. Slow, slow, lola, long loading. could be caused by several possibilities as follows:

- Server is not stable

- Full site with javascript

- Full site with external script

- Internet provider ngelag / is slow

Can be lazy for a visit behind.

4. column guestbooks, comments, or chatbox. these sites need to create an account. because it does not need to ask kunbal was forced to become a member hehee list. malass list of complicated just to write back. must reg - open email - login. for members only

5. many requirements just to write a visit back in comment / guestbook / chatbox. terms such as select id, email, location or anything about their visitors. and to captha / writing of images rather make it lazy if you use hp.

6. there's more, that there is no time for a visit back. often I do not have time to visit a friend return to a site that has write in the guestbook. again because I might have business and or being updated on the most exciting time to update.

7. site-that's all that wrote in the guest book / chatbox. Sure there are always writing site every day or week 2kali on site guest book. also feels bored if I have to kunbal is the same site continues.

so for that I want to go through the site, please fill in chat once a month. because I would be lazy if you want dikunbal daily. heheheeee: D

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