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How to copy and paste the site can not right click

How to copy and paste the site can not right click

How to copy and paste the site can not right click

Previously I described the way, I as the admin of this site will be honest that I copy and paste only for learning and personal consumption and not publish through this blog. as the title of this blog itself is a collection of original writings of the banner.

How to copy and paste blog blocked by right-clicking on the blog admin so that no copy and paste from his blog is a very easy thing to do. especially by an expert and know some programming code. but for the layman, it would just be a waste of time to the most extreme of the blogs that wrote back that can not copy and paste into a notebook or notepad.

haha, calm down I'll let you know how most easily and quickly without the need to learn the old. I share this only to students who are confused how to copy and paste copy and paste blog can not copy paste. Please refer to the following:

1. through the phone with opera mini browser, uc web, etc. (no weaknesses notepad and many other weaknesses)

2. using a PC browser

Here you just open any browser lah. continue to click on settings (settings are basically an hehehe). The next search "conten setting" (rata2 so) continue to search for the word javascript.

nah on javascript, select not allow / off / deaktive / off. after that try reloading the blog that you can not copy and paste.

Do not forget once in Copas, reactivate javascriptnya.

I have tried this on several different browsers and I managed to make a copy paste failure by the website. for who want to know what it is javascript, please search on wikipedia. : D

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